Raks is a unique and first of its kind Cretan Company for the production and marketing of traditional food products without preservatives. Every traditional product we make is a journey of memories, but also a sacred pilgrimage to the place, the earth, but also the people of toil and creation. We searched and found people whose soul sounds still kneel in the past with respect. We work with more than 200 such producers.

Through our products, we try to answer to questions such aswhy the olive tree is the sacred tree as well as the invaluable value of the plants and herbs of the Cretan land that produce a different honey, a different cheese, wine, nut, etc. The flavors of traditional Crete are revived through RAK’S products.

There is no pill that replaces the Cretan diet, which remains alive through our products. All five senses are involved in RAKS products. We tried and succeeded in bringing to your table the eating habits of the beginning of the last century.

We are proud of the products we produce, since we preserve the authentic flavors, colors and aromas of the Cretan Mediterranean diet.

We are proud of our place, famous for its sun, sea and land.

We are proud of our food tradition, which starts from the time of Minoas and reaches the present day.

Every product we make and include in our collection is something different and doesn’tresemble any competitor one.

They are innovative products, made with recipes from our great-grandmothers.
e.g. rusk made of 100% carob flour, ruskmade of 100% barley, petimezi with juniper root, carob honey, Greek peanut butter from 100% peanut from Serres and many other products with their top ingredient, either in taste or in preservation, the extra virgin olive oil. We noticed that all the recipes we implemented, recipes of 1920’s -1940’s are without glycemic load and we followed that.